Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The beginning of the end of LOST is almost here. I'm pretty excited, nervous, and nerded out about it.

Apparently everything about this ^ poster is significant in the overall scheme of things...which leaves me wondering: Where is Walt? Where is Turnip Head? Is that Libby in the background? Why is Michael so dressed up? Why is Kate so annoying? Are crossed arms significant? Does Richard Alpert wear eyeliner...or not?

"The producers also plan to wrap up long-standing mysteries, such as the nature of the smoke monster, the four-toed statue of Taweret, the identity of the Adam & Eve skeletons from season one, and the reason the Dharma periodic resupply drops continue after the purge. Lindelof has also indicated that Walt's unusual abilities may be explained, although this may not necessarily require the character's direct involvement.
Matthew Fox stated in an interview that in the final season, the characters of Jack Shephard and John Locke "will come head to head." A third of the way through the final season, the two time lines will be "solidified into one" and "will be very linear – no more flashbacks, nothing." He has also claimed to be the only cast member who knows the ending of the series,though Lindelof has clarified that Fox only knows things that are relevant to his character."

I think as long as somebody explains the four-toed statue, the smoke monster, the voices in the jungle, what was up with Libby, Walt's powers, and the disappearance of Claire I will be pleased. I would also like for Kate to be mauled by a polar bear while Juliet and Sawyer get married in the background. These aren't unreasonable requests, are they?

Courtney, don't be mad about this post. LOST is my Indiana Jones. Get hooked already.
Chase, watch this:

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i just got so pumped when i read this.