Thursday, January 7, 2010


"Rationalist objections to the "absurdity" of religion, especially Christianity, have for a long time sounded to me like the sorts of objections that frustrated schoolchildren make when they cannot immediately comprehend a difficult concept. They will say, "This subject is useless, it's stupid, it has no value for me." What really frustrates them (or anyone who runs up against such difficulties) is that their inability to understand reveals their own deficiencies and failures, which are never pleasant to have revealed. Little wonder that in the era when confessing the Christian Faith became essentially optional many people in what was Christendom opted out all together, chose another religion, or chose the least challenging splinters or corruptions of the Faith."

Today I burned a lot of sage and thought a lot of good and was probably very irrational. I like that I'm (in)significant.

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