Saturday, January 16, 2010

The brightside.

I kind of like it when I loan Marvin the car and he forgets to pick me up from work, but only because his "apology" is typically in the form of Chinese food. Usually he doesn't forget me...just loses track of time while playing video games and doesn't hear the phone ring when I call him because of the noise canceling headphones I've already griped about in another post. It's convenient that he forgot me today - I need to load up on all the nutrient poor foods that I can before Tuesday rolls around. Tuesday will be day one of a week (or more) of raw vegan food. My raw foodist customers always have the most amazing conversion I'm gonna give it a try. After that week I'm hoping to stay 100% vegan...and 70+% raw. This will be a big deal for a sugar and carboholic. A very big deal. Even a week of it will be a big deal. HUGE, even! Wish me luck. And wish Marvin even more luck. He's shooting for a week of raw eating too, and the only vegetable that boy likes is the potato. And even the potato has to be either deep fried or smothered with butter and cheese. Oy.

I was curious about what the Freaks and Geeks kids looked like as adults so I did some research and found this (d'awwww):

And this (yowza!):

And this photo of the girl that played Cindy Sanders...the wholesome cheerleader:

These findings made my day.


Rachel said...

i finally found you again...been checking you xanga..and here you are! i miss you! did you get my christmas card i sent you?? some of my letters i sent came back to me...let me know.

Derek Henderson said...

We got a barn where I believe many alley cats call home during cold nights...but I'm not certain. It's either a few cats or a homeless man.