Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Birthday wishlist. Go ahead - make my day.

Really all I want for my birthday is to eat catfish at that place on the river in Dardanelle and then look for fish bones and bottled messages. And maybe visit Goodwill and Vintage Books. And maybe drink too much coffee. And maybe, maybe, MAYBE get to see snowfall. It seems to always snow while I'm asleep and just be icy and treacherous by the time I'm up and around. Either treacherous or already melting. I braved the ice early yesterday morning to have my drivers license renewed. I thought (correctly) that there wouldn't be any lines at the revenue office during such horrible weather. I was pretty pleased with myself for being so line-avoidingly sneaky...and for only almost sliding off the road into someone's yard.

Work was hectic today. I got to do inventory on about a million new-agey fairy&angel greeting cards that all look pretty much the same. It made me really glad that I don't work at Hallmark. I don't know how much greeting card inventory I could handle. I could count probiotics and rainforest chocolates all day long, but not greeting cards. Nope. Not doing it.

And now for a brief list of weird things I've witnessed Mr. Eko eat this week:
1. a yogurt covered raisin
2. a tuft of another cat's fur
3. seaweed
4. paper

He and Shat are now best friends. Shat never befriends other cats, but she's been very motherly to Eko lately. It's cute. And surprising.


Mandy said...

Hello friend! I just realized you were following me on my blog haha! How have you been? We need a form of communication! Email maybe? lol

vanessa said...

I love your birthday wish list! You should probably do all of those things. And Mr. Eko has a lot in common with the goats I think, one of them ate paper too. I have heard of people house breaking goats, so you should probably do that and have them live in your apartment.

Let's pretend someday you will come, visit, and meet my goats. Or as I sometimes like to call them, goaties.