Sunday, January 24, 2010

If you're easily grossed out, don't read this Birthday week post!

I'm twenty-six!
Marvin took me record shopping for my bee-day and we sat by the river a bunch and admired the lights on the water and it was a happy day and night. It was also the day that I started my raw foods diet. For the first forty-eight hours of raw fooding, I felt unbelievably energetic and very alert. Then, out of nowhere, I started puking and pooping like I'd never puked and pooped before. At first I blamed the raw foods, but I eventually came to the conclusion that I've developed a terrible GARBANZO BEANS! The last time I ate hummus and the last time I ate chickpea curry I felt horrible and on the day of violent stomach malfunction, I had eaten tons of raw chickpeas on my salad. Mystery solved. My new plan of dining is this: no meats, no chickpeas, very little dairy/white flour/sugar. I threw up too many fresh fruits and vegetables Tuesday night to want to go completely raw again any time soon. Yuck.
This week I've been a little obsessed with pioneers, Revelation, Henry Darger, Picnic at Hanging Rock, photographs of transparent balloons, and soup of all kinds.
I just learned that on St. Valentine's Day, Picnic at Hanging Rock is shown at Hanging Rock. That's one more thing to add to my bucket list.


Rachel said...

have you received anything in the mail? if were suppose to. i miss you, we should say hello to each other some time.

andreaparker_ said...

no hummus ever again?!?!?!