Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hey, New Year!
You're going to be an amazing one.
I spent the eve of 2010 playing Battleship with Marvin. We'd intended to go to Vino's to see Andy Warr play (and drink too much of the best root beer in the world) and then go to a more glamorous after-party at Hannah's, but we ended up hanging out at the apartment. Ignoring phone calls. Eating junk food. Being old, boring, married slobs. And it was delightful. As usual. Marvin pointed out that my Battleship game is the oldest he's ever seen:

It's the only Battleship I've ever known. He wants to get the computerized version, but I say, "NEVER!" 1971 isn't going anywhere.

So far this year I've accomplished two of my many mini-goals: making quiche (which turned out quite nicely) and making sushi (which ended up being sloppy, but delicious.)

[On the left - sushi roll attempt #1. On the right - sushi roll attempt #2...]

Mr. Eko really wanted a bite. I later learned that all of our kitties have big appetites for nori.

Here's Eko with my New Year's drawing contest submission:

Okay, who am I kidding. The cat drew that masterpiece, not me...

Walked to the grocery store today. Played tennis and did some yoga yesterday. Two for two on my fresh air and exercise resolution!

And finally, here is evidence that the lovely Mary Hollowell and I hung out over the Christmas holiday. It was the first time we'd seen each other in about six years. I love this girl so much!

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Derek Henderson said...

whoa! I remember Mary. Such a nice person.
Thanks for the comment sarah.

I want you guys to come up and visit...or me come there. IT WILL happen in 2010.