Friday, January 29, 2010

It's almost February already?!?

I just read that the Center for Science in the Public Interest has suggest taxing soft drinks by the ounce and using the profits to improve meals in public schools. Excellent idea, I think.

In honor of the sleet and snow and bitter cold, I am wearing the snowman pajamas my mama made for me years ago. I plan to wear them until the accumulation melts. All of it. I might even wear them until spring. Constantly. Or at least for the entirety of my four day weekend. The only plans I have for this four day weekend are to read, watch movies, write letters, and finish projects that are scattered about. And eat a lot, of course.

I've actually written four letters already this week. I just don't know when I'll get around to mailing them. Lazy.

Two disappointing things I've recently learned after doing a bit of research:
1) John Wayne did not have forty pounds of impacted fecal matter in his colon.
2) Ear candles do not suck wax buildup out of your ears.

The next two health-related things I want to look into are bee pollen and those foot patches that allegedly detox your body. These two just sound too good to be true.

Two. Too. To.

Watch Umberto D. if you have the chance. It's a good 'n.


andreaparker_ said...

1) did colonix lie to us about john wayne?!
2) ear candles DO work! ive used them plenty. it's gross what ive seen. you musta done it wrong, or had super clean ears.

also, tell me how the foot patches work. ive always wanted to use them but they are pricey.

drink lots of water after!

Sarah said...

Colonix did lie to us! As did my herb school coursework and lots of other sources here and there. Ol' John didn't even have an autopsy done...and even a pound of IMPACTED fecal matter tends to cause excruciating pain. He may (or may not) have had forty pounds of regular dookie in his gut, but not a buildup of that quantity.

As for the candles, I did them once and saw the waxy gunk and was so amazed that I had so much wax in my ears to begin with...then I tried it again later, with one candle in my ear and one candle just burning on its own nowhere near my ear. Both candles had the same amount of waxy gunk in the end. Turns out the "earwax" is really just a combination of beeswax and soot. And apparently to suction all the wax out of your ear, you would need a vacuum that would be so strong that it would rupture your ear drum. The suction for an ear cone/candle is nowhere near that strong. So disappointed! A lot of people swear that the candles help them with earaches, so it's either a placebo effect or maybe the heat from the candle just rearranges the wax so that it isn't so bothersome. Still, disappointing!