Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Makeup

on my cheeks I wear
the flush of two beers

on my eyes I use
the dark circles of sleepless nights
to great advantage

for lipstick
I wear my lips

- one of the world's best poems according to me, by Rochelle Kraut

This week I vowed to always be true to the following things: hammocks, meteors, returning phonecalls. I am no longer true to housekeeping. I also attended a non-house-church for the first time in probably six years. What did I get from the experience? The desire for trendier hair and a collarbone tattoo. No, really I just prayed a lot that God would help me to not judge hipsters so doggone much. Especially nice ones in a house of worship. The commute to and from Little Rock was nice though, and confirmed that I need to get out of the house and workplace more often. A cheerful heart is good medicine.

Derby just yowled and carried on like cats do when when they've caught you a "dinner" of dead mouse or bird. The Derbs, however, was proud to present us with a wadded up paper napkin. Quite the hunter.


Derek Henderson said...

thanks for the comment sarah.
wow...that hipster link is depressing. I'll never grow another mustache again...I promise!

courtneyism said...

I made a cat friend tonight! It is black and real fat and is outside my house.
named it Penpen.
like it.
It has one crumpley ear.