Monday, April 26, 2010


This is just what I was afraid of. Should have known petitioning and a letter-writing campaign wouldn't have such immediate results.

A few of you heard my story about the customer with the parasites under her skin that wouldn't respond to prescription treatments. The doctors had "never seen anything quite like it." Well, I was catching up on my Natalie Dee the other day and came across this comic:

"What's Morgellons?" I wondered...
A search led me to this website, which told me that Morgellons is a chronic infectious disease of unknown origin. Symptoms include "itching, biting and crawling sensations, “filaments” or fibers which emerge from the skin, skin lesions which range from minor to disfiguring, joint pain, debilitating fatigue, changes in cognition, memory loss, mood disturbance and serious neurological manifestations." The disease has been brushed off for years as delusional parasitosis. This is what the "fibers" look like magnified:

  After extensive tests on the fibers, "scientists, including a police forensics team drew a blank as to their origin, despite comparing them to more than 90,000 organic compounds. Meanwhile, at the State University of New York, Vitaly Citovsky, professor of biochemistry and cell biology, found that the lesions of Morgellons patients test positively for the presence of agrobacterium, a bacterium used in the commercial production of genetically modified food – but not normally found in skin sores."


So I wonder if the parasite customer has Morgellons disease. No good.

On a lighter note, this is the reason I want to learn to embroider:

Yes, Christopher Walken. More cowbell.

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courtneyism said...

:( WORMS. no way.
maybe i haven't read far enough down yet, but are you healthy now?