Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've been granted an extra day off of work each week. That day is Thursday. It will be devoted to gardening, letter-writing, cooking, reading, and crafts. Important things. Oh, and HAMMOCK.

I hear we're under a flash flood warning until Friday. I'll be really excited for paper boat races, even though the last one ended in tragedy:

The only thing that would make me happier than a good paper boat race would be the opportunity to float our inflatable raft in a ditch. I just hope those piranhas don't make their way to Russellville from Tennessee! 

I'm pretty excited about Annie & Josh's backyard wedding reception. And the series finale of LOST. And still contemplating a (really tiny) Hurley tattoo:

It's more likely to happen than those Xanga bro tatts we were all discussing last fall, as likely to happen as the anatomical diagram of a uterus I've been wanting, and not nearly as likely to happen as the tally marks Marvin and I plan to get for each year that we're married.

I'm off to finish my first-ever batch of cake pops. Mmmm.


Mandy said...

mmm cake pops! you better post some pics of those! :D

David Terrell said...

Sarah! I miss reading your posts on Xanga so much that I tracked down your blogspot. Which is harder than it sounds! Cake pops sound pretty amazing. I have a recipe for something similar using Oreos.

Derek Henderson said...

tally idea.