Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pineapple. Code word. Whatever.

I've convinced Marvin that we should have a nature-style getaway this weekend. I can't wait to get in the woods! Unfortunately, someone stole my camping chair. I kept it in the carport at work and would sit in it on my lunch break for optimal squirrel-watching and salad-eating. I hope the bandit who took it will get some good out of it. I could learn to stand a little discomfort, seating-wise.

Last Saturday was Annie's wedding reception/backyard bash. There were puppies and cookies and the weather was nice. I took this picture, which is possibly the greatest ever, based on organization and facial hair:

Matt did some photo-bombing, of course:

Then later he read us scary stories and five of us fell asleep on the bed.

It's funny to wake up surrounded by so much snoring.

The next day consisted of the first swim of the year and the last LOST episode of...ever. The Piney smelled like fish and was really murky, but totally likable. The LOST finale wasn't as epic or surprising as I had hoped. I guess I had wanted more battle and less warm fuzziness. I shouldn't complain though. It's still the greatest show I've ever seen and the only series I plan to buy a boxed set of and watch marathon-style. And I will sorely miss it.

By Monday Marvin and I had stopped being pissed about the finale and decided to go digging for crystals. It was sweaty and filthy and an incredibly satisfying experience...just digging. We found a few really nice little ones, and a few larger chunks of imperfection, and a whole bucket of miscellaneous pretty rocks to bring to my mama for her flower beds. New hobby, for sure.

As always, I didn't bring my camera to any of these fun-havings. All photos in this post are stolen from Courtney.

Time for pancakes, vampires, and crafts. Happy Thursday.

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courtneyism said...

the best pic was taken by you, duh.