Sunday, May 16, 2010


I've been channeling the spirit of Nori this week and taking advantage of every coupon I can get my hands on. Best deals include free frappes from McDonald's, free Tom's toothpaste and body cream from, and a whopping 30% off of everything purchased at American Apparel, thanks to Marvin teaching my non-internet-savvy behind about the perks of searching for online coupons. It's the greatest thing I've found on the web since hamsterdance back in '98. This means we're getting new sheets that aren't made by children...but at a child-labor price. Fantastic!

Today when we went to feed my boss's cat while she's on vacation, we saw the tiniest tadpoles in her pond! Then we went thrifting in the rainstorm. Marvin found some army surplus clothes and we each got a pack of A-team trading cards. I opened mine and tried to chew the stick of gum inside that was twenty-seven years old. Disastrous. I also found a necklace that would make Ebony Bones proud

and an M.I.A.-worthy pair of pants, which are a perfect fit. Pants involving spandex are not normally considered a perfect fit in my book...but these are. Now I wait for Halloween, an appropriately themed costume party, or the guts to wear these ridiculous items in public for no justifiable reason.

A few nights ago I was too exhausted to read or focus on a movie and too lazy to ride my bike, so I promised myself an early bedtime after just ten minutes of cleaning. Apparently I not only cleaned in zombie mode, but also downsized our cluttered living room, rearranged some furniture, and even painted a shelf. Sleep deprivation is occasionally a beautiful thing.

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Betty the Bruiser said...

Please tell me your coupon finding secrets because I would love to get free coffee and then clean my teeth of said coffee with free toothpaste all while wearing cottony basics.

I seem to be more productive in zombie mode too...Which is weird because I've always heard from teachers and parents that sleep makes you perform your very best. Fishy!