Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mama's Day.

My dad and I baked a pretty bumpin' roasted veggie pot pie for my mama. I did most of the cooking, but I give him full credit for peeling the parsnips!

So it looks like a typical over-glazed pie...but on the inside you'll find cauliflower, parsnips, carrots, sweet red pepper and lots of other delicious things.

Mama's heart cath results came back mostly flawless. She has a gnarly bruise that I would love to post a picture of on here because it's THAT impressive, but my sweet mother would be mortified to find a picture of her inner thigh (amazingly bruised or not) floating around the internet. Just take my word for it. It's far worse than anything Marvin has ever acquired from skateboarding.

Speaking of Marvin, look at this picture I came across today:

Six years later, I still have a huge crush on that boy.

Our anniversary vacation plans have changed a good deal due to the oil spill and visit from the Reilly clan. No more New Orleans, and now a four day mini-vacation to plan instead of a seven day trip. I was thinking Hot Springs...the Al Capone suite at the Arlington...but since we tied the knot near the 4th of July it might be hard to get reservations with such short notice around that date. Any suggestions?

It's 10:30. That means French toast time. Happy Wednesday.

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