Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hello, bicycle legs.

Did you know that this is a week of miracles? Not only did Marvin learn how to boil water for pasta (haha), but a lady I know who has been very, very sick and mostly bed-ridden for almost a year is suddenly up and about and back to her normal routine. Majorly amazing.

I heard a mockingbird imitate a crow yesterday. I also had a nosebleed which reminded me of Katie (who always has nosebleeds and who I adore & hadn't seen since last fall) and then ran into her on the trail while riding bikes after work! We sweaty hugged. Little amazements.

I can't wait to try the bring-on-the-broccoli pizza that's on the cover of Vegetarian Times. My diet lately has consisted almost entirely of the following things: The Dr. Oz Smoothie, trail mix, apples, oranges, extreme veggie pasta, and Nutty Bars. It's a delicious life I live, but it's about time for some variety. And fresh greens.

Gotta get to work on a container garden...and gotta make a trip to visit this sweet little girl:

And her mama. <3

P.S. - I am quite envious of Vanessa who not only has TWO pet goats, but also recently got her creep on with Zooey Deschanel! Dang!

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