Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just the type of thing I would be excited about!

Sun Chips bags are now compostable.

Now if all the other snacks would follow...

I expanded the container garden yesterday! This summer we will (hopefully) be enjoying organic tomatoes & lettuce, Jerusalem artichokes, and catnip. I'm thinking about adding a bell pepper plant and some wildflowers and trying to guerilla garden in the alley with any of the tomatoes that germinate that I don't have room for in buckets on the deck.

That sentence contained far too many prepositions and these dolls are magnificent:

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Also, I love going to yard sales on my lunch break. <3 Happy weekending!


andreaparker_ said...

are you planting anything in the "B" ? I have a U here and im not sure yet what I want to try planting in there. I was kind of thinking alfalfa sprouts would be awesome but i know nothing about how to do it.

courtneyism said...