Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter weekend.

It was lovely.
Egg dye & hunt with my parents.
Garden party with Shelly, Adrianna, and Mama Kathleen.
Word games & Scrabble.
Home town grocery shopping.
Native American things & coffee.

Thursday mornings are now devoted entirely to housekeeping and working on projects since I don't go to work until eleven. I'm as happy about this productiveness as I am about SPRING.

I finally experimented with the detox foot patches. Here's what I've concluded: the patches turn brown/black when your feet sweat on them...the color is not caused by the removal of toxins. The patches turn the same color when held under the tap. But I don't think this necessarily means that they aren't capable of removing toxins from your body since sweating can play a pretty big role in the detoxification process. I didn't feel any different after using the patches, but I wasn't ailing to begin with. So the color change doesn't equal toxicity, but the patches work for a lot of people...just like the gunk in an ear candle isn't earwax, but tons of people swear by the candling process. (Internet research tells me that apparently some detox pads are complete hoaxes. Make sure your detox foot pad has some or all of the following chemicals: chitin, chitosan, vitamin C, silica, starch, and eucalyptus oil. Lengthier explanation here.)

If you need a new age hooey mythbuster, I'm your woman. Or guinea pig.

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lajuma said...

it makes me so happy that you went egg hunting with your folks. Speaking of folks, i'm really excited about this weekend.