Sunday, March 28, 2010

Little weekend.

I tried to make the most of this one-day-weekend by hiking to King's Bluff with Marvin. The first part of the trail was booooring, but once we got to the waterfall things picked up. The sun even decided to shine for a little while! (Note to self: do not dangle your legs over the edge of cliffs in front of Marvin. He gets really mad about it.) Marvin found a camera in a mossy puddle. We'd hoped it would contain some crazy pictures, but all we got was a lot of this:

Nothing earth-shattering or scandalous; nothing worthy of blackmail - just an upload to ifoundyourcamera.

Sharon (my boss) went to a health food convention in Anaheim and brought back so many goodies! I've been sampling soap and lip balm and eco-friendly dish detergent and biodegradable trash bags and snacks all week. Loveit. She even brought me a crazy Hippie Chips tote bag and matching t-shirt, which were promptly given to Rachel...who loves hippies and chips and ridiculous tote bags even more than I do. Hard to believe, but true.

While Rachel was sitting on my couch, it suddenly dawned on me that, "Hey! Rachel's back in the States!" This revelation is doubly exciting since it means that I might just end up going to Lilith Fair 2010 after all!!!! High school dream come true...minus Alanis.

I keep making these amazing soups in the crock pot, and then botching them up by adding one ingredient too many...usually rice. Some day I'll learn when to quit.

This week: A four day work week...followed by a four day weekend...which will more than make up for this one day break. I be headin' for the hills!


andreaparker_ said...

it's funny, on your labels FOOD is listed more than MARVIN. tell him THAT when he complains about your shrinking belly; your mind is in the right place.

Rachel said...

Yes! Yes!, oh and Yes!!!!