Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good news.

It was a great comfort for me to learn that Netflix does indeed recycle their return envelopes.

One less pleasure to feel guilty about.

I'm anxiously waiting for bike rides, hammock weather, and an anniversary road trip to Nawlins (and wherever else the road takes us.) I've been reading up on Marie Laveau and have already decided what I'll be ordering at the Gumbo Shop. Roadside America gave some good suggestions on Louisiana oddities. So far the Leprosy Museum seems to have the most potential.

Today we found a perfect camping spot and I tried my first veggie burger from Burger King. It was...well, what one would expect from a fast food veggie burger: edible, slathered in ketchup, and probably a year old.

Cat, dog, and hermit crab sitting for Heath and Josh this week. Wishing someone would craft me a cute wrist-cuff so I can fashionably cover my tattoo while at work. If I have to explain, "'s from a song my friend wrote," while a stranger holds my hand one more time I might lose my ability to fake-smile!

My favorite customer purchases at the natural foods store thus far:
  1. Bee pollen. "It increases my chickens' libido."
  2. Cucumber flavored tonic water. "I have a confession to make: I buy these to use in my signature gin & tonics..."
  3. Peppermint essential oil. "I read that you can put this stuff on a cotton ball and stuff it in a mole tunnel to run the little devils outta your yard!"
I won't even mention the elderly woman who used the phrase, "it just stays soft!" while telling me about her husband's erectile dysfunction. Or the Hispanic man who mostly communicated with me through the use of a Spanish/English dictionary: Wife. Needs. To reaffirm. To increase. Bust. Hmmm. No hay.

Today, all cars,
all fathers, all mothers, all
children and lovers will
have to forget
about that thing in the sky,
going around
like a persistent rumor
that will get us yet.
-Anne Sexton, my favorite


Mandy said...

I did not know that about netflix either! that's awesome!

what does your tattoo say?


Tara Yost said...

Oooh, gumbo. My second grade teacher was a missionary's kid most of her life over in Africa and apparently her mom picked up some bomb gumbo making skills. She came in one day and made it for our was amazing.

Where do you work, exactly? Sounds like an interesting store...

Tara Yost said...

We are settled but I have yet to become employed! My unemployment has been the recent source for my stress/restlessness. Other than this, we are playing with the idea of starting a venue/art collective here in Ogden.

Oh, and I fixed my blog site feed setting. Let me know if that fixes it. :]

Rachel said...

Indeed, risky...but a grand deal.

I should be traveling to Russellville very soon, so the first voyage to Mt. Nebo, in my very Glenda the Good Witch Bubble Car, must be with you!

Oh and have you seen North Face guy, again?