Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gator weather.

Today Jumpin' Josh, Brittany Paul, Marvin, and I chose to ride bicycles on Bona Dea trail. Why we chose the coldest, rainiest day possible for this adventure...I am not entirely sure. Probably because we had our hearts set on seeing an alligator. There are allegedly at least eleven 'gators in the swampier parts of the park and even more allegedly a couple of small dogs have been eaten recently. I was skeptical about the dog-eatings until we got to the part of the trail with the highest swamp-water level and found that it was closed. Naturally we ignored the orange fence and went about our merry way. I always get really nervous at the part of the trail where you can see the spots where the gators come up out of the water to cross and then slide back down the other slope, but I was especially expecting to get devoured today, due to the orange fence. None of us got eaten, but three of us thought we might have seen a baby alligator, but agreed that it was probably just a stick. We did discover a wildlife viewing hut at the water's edge that none of us had ever noticed before. Apparently some boyscouts built it in '99. We also saw a heron and some ducks and squirrels...and I am officially on a mission to find some rainboots. Not just a casual mission, but a hardcore one. This is due to one of my feet slipping into a pool of muddy water and then being soggy and numb for the rest of the day. Being clumsy and having short legs is only a downer when you're a pseudo-outdoorsperson trying to have  adventures with rugged outdoorspeople.

I found this after googling "alligator" -

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vanessa said...

This place sounds too scary for me. I know I'd be the one to fall over in the water and get eaten. There was an alligator down the street from our house before!!! In the road, and some guy was stopped and trying to throw it back into the water. It was like 4 feet long too!

Annnnd, I love old used to be edible cookies. And mostly I love mail, so this is exciting news to me. I'm with you on the hair straightener business, I am now a curly person for life, I hate fixing my hair.