Monday, August 16, 2010

A quote on zines

from Xerography Debt #27:

In the midst of volcanoes, Tea Party rhetoric, earthquakes, layoffs, stock market volatility, and sectarian violence, I am learning to care and not to care - to be free and in the moment. And nothing does that better for me than reading a zine. How is it possible that these 1/4 page miracles of paper and toner can help me escape from grim reality and connect to total strangers that somehow the Internet cannot match? What is it about handwriting and art and loving placement of text that transforms my internal landscape? It is a constant miracle and source of interest and happiness to me. - Maynard Welstand

As you may have guessed, I totally concur.

(Going places.)

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Courtneyism said...

hi, I used your zine thing for a BORing blog post on my work blog. I hate my blog. It's terribly censored and cliche. And we're made to do them.
I think I'll just start copying yours ok?
Because somehow you manage to be interesting without being vulgar. Something I haven't figured out.