Sunday, August 8, 2010


Wrapping up day four of no sugar. I've started taking digestive enzymes with any meal I eat that isn't 100% raw. The experts claim that enzyme supplementation will decrease the amount of energy used up by the body for digestion and use that freed-up energy to assist other cells in need throughout the body...with healing or just more optimal functioning. I tend to always be tired...and I also tend to always be eating, so this could be a monumental step toward feeling not-sucky. I've taken my little enzymes with three meals so far and I do feel pretty awesome. Placebo effect? Possibly. I'll keep you updated.

Marvin and I visited the new self-serve frozen yogurt place today. It might just be my saving grace in this sugarless endeavor. I had the no-sugar-added, fat free pomegranate energy yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Heavenly! We also checked out the new pet supply place, which has a kitty adoption station, forty pounds of cat litter for $15.00, and a please-bring-in-your-pet policy. Thumbs up there, too. The new dollar jewelry store had an alarming number of zebra-striped purses and earned an "enh" rating, as did TJ Maxx. We didn't make it to the new grocery store or dollar spot, but we got to visit with Bob, which was undoubtedly cooler than hanging out at a Big Star.

Now I'm making some butternut squash "fries," which are actually baked and contemplating an enormous bike ride. Am I healthy?!?

P.S. - I found some notecards along the lines of ^this^ on clearance for a buck. Yippie! I love foodscapes.

(Heck, I'll even settle for meatscapes.)


Derek Henderson said...

I love those photos....reminds me of this project..

Courtneyism said...

Are those stores in Russellville??

vanessa said...

I am very curious to hear your updates on this enzyme stuff! I also am ALWAYS tired!!!!!!!