Sunday, July 11, 2010


We vacationed.

^Here I am being pale on the beach with two of my sisters-in-law.

^ These are the Reillys...minus Brandi, seven dogs, four cats, a ferret, two rats, and a goldfish.

^ This is my very cute husband, eating what he claimed to be the best sandwich of his life.

^Our crusty retro motel. "All we need is love and a moonpie."

^ Great tile.

^This cupcake made me want to weep tears of joy.

^My favorite grave at Bonaventure Cemetery.

Trip summary: a lengthy wrong turn, fireworks on River Street, cookout, lots-o-sparklers, beach bumming, piƱa coladas, quality time with mongoose and friends, lots of VH1 & Food Network, chocolate overdose at Lulu's Chocolate bar (...where EVERYTHING is chocolate...even the beer), cappuccino brownies, found a new favorite bakery and a new favorite clothing store, finally found the perfect pair of rain boots, played an intense game of volleyball in the pool, scored great records galore at a secondhand shop, definitely had too many fancy drinks and probably talked my mother-in-law's ear off, learned all about stop-motion animation, spent many hours discussing food, cute animals, and placenta art with Vanessa...and finally got to meet her goats (!), got a haircut from Brooke, hung out in a beautiful cemetery, rode bicycles a little, stayed very sweaty and didn't entirely want to come home.

Things I've learned that I love a lot more than I'd realized: cobblestone, Spanish moss, cypress trees, air conditioning, laying out with tropical drink in hand, pop music, ferrets, hangouts, meat, splurging on expensive desserts. I'm not sure whether I've been ruined or repaired. I'm glad to be either.


Courtneyism said...

I like a lot of those things too! Air conditioning. Desser. Pop music and meat. :)
ur boobs look sweet!

Courtneyism said...