Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let me show you.

Function, function, function. Gotta get a better motto.

There's a stray (or'nge) cat that climbed in our kitchen window. I named him Bones 'cause that's what he's a bag of. Can't keep him, but I plan to feed him and hang out with him in the alley. Me and Bones. A couple of old souls.

My friend Tamara (not to be confused with my cousin Tamra) is in the hospital. Her water broke and the baby isn't due for two more months. They'll be at the hospital until September and she's one who thrives on rolling around in grass, playing in dirt, and sleeping with fresh air blowing in the window, so I imagine long-term hospitalization will be tough on her. Ultrasounds showed the baby looking incredibly healthy, but still...please think of them and say a prayer if that's what you do.

Courtney deposited a bunch of hand-me-downs in my car yesterday. (Or would they be hand-me-ups, since I'm bigger than she is?) I laughed that some of the things were items that I had handed down to her years ago. I laughed again because some of the clothes reminded me of Mac walking around virtually naked all the time. (I miss you, Laura Mac!) And then I laughed because my favorite item was a pair of tie-dyed underwear that I suspect Courtney tie-dyed herself.

Dirty pseudo-hippies.

I need a cup of tea.


Courtneyism said...

Even though green tea is for the late person, I love gunpowder, temple of heaven green tea. It is so delish.
I'm glad you like the undies. I have the matching socks I should have given you.
what is cooler than tie dyed granny underwear, and matching sensible cotton socks?
Better than the sexy bra, thong combo.

vanessa said...

yes yes yes!! I can hang out on the 8th!! I can hang out on any day! send me your phone number!!!

andreaparker_ said...

here's a question for ya, does country cupboard take food stamps/ ebt????? ill need some tofu and granolas

andreaparker_ said...
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