Monday, July 12, 2010

That foreign noise.

I will lie down and sleep in peace, for You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.  - Psalm 4:8

It was so strange to wake up to the sound of an alarm today. After all the fun-havings, I am suddenly very productive. Cleaning, reading, Netflixing, embroidering, returning phone calls, making plans, preparing food...checking things off of lists like crazy. Hopefully my return to work tomorrow will feel just as nice.

After 7.5 months of being happily Facebookless, I started up a new account so I could keep in touch with Marvin's family. I got really attached to all of them over the past week. I'm no good with telephones; they're no good with it is. I've already been "found" by a few Russellville kids...which is okay. I just don't want to catch myself wasting precious hours of my life browsing through the picture albums of people I barely know or would probably never choose to spend an afternoon with. 

Watching Amelie does a body good.

So does eating fruit.
And dancing to your new records....
....with a cat.


P.S. - A big congratulations to Derek and Stephanie who did a wonderful job of making a baby! Marv & I are honored to share our anniversary with Ingrid's birthday. Also, I really like her mini-Derek-ear. Well done. I can't wait to meet this great little girl in of these days.


Mandy said...

we missed you on facebook! :) also, i think that we really need to hang out someday, somehow. lol

Courtneyism said...

I am glad you are back on FB. It was hard to call you every time I wanted to tell you something. Now I can go back to writing you messages. WEEEEEEE
I'm glad I made the cut of friends to accept.
You don't have to add anyone you don't want to!
If I could do it all over again, I would.

Betty the Bruiser said...

I've been watching Amelie whenever I can't sleep (which has been happening a lot lately.) It's a good substitute, yeah?

Do I have permission to add you on Facebook? I would love that.

PS - Green bikini? Rawr....lookin' foxy, Sarah.