Monday, December 21, 2009


Marvin & I kept accidentally finding the presents we'd gotten for each other (once because the cats pulled the tissue paper from a gift bag, once because an order confirmation got sent to my inbox, etc.), so we went ahead and exchanged the few remaining mystery gifts last night. (Maybe someday we'll do Christmas right.) His favorites were shoes and Hansen's sodas and a neti pot. My favorites were slips and a sleep mask and a grass-scented candle...but most of all: A SOLAR POWERED RAINBOW MAKER!

This contraption and the Lite Brite are probably the only frivolous gadgets I will ever covet.

Yesterday we went Sunday driving and ended up in Fort Smith, where there wasn't anything spectacular taking we just ate a big meal and came back home...but on the way there we stopped and bought a homemade pie and a bird necklace from a nice lady that was set up on the side of the road. We also admired Subiaco well as a gigantic Budweiser can. I should have taken some pictures of these exciting things, but I didn' here are some boring-around-the-house photos:

Our little (live! with roots! plantable!) tree, our forbidden rooftop view, a little teacup of blackberry wine, & a heap of cats.

P.S.-There is a live nativity scene taking place around the corner with a lot o' bass.

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CHASE said...

i saw a live nativity scene tonight in my parents neighborhood that at first really confused me because i thought it was just people hanging out in a box with spotlights