Friday, December 25, 2009

Baby Jesus.


It was a good one. Possibly even the best. My mama and daddy braved the chance of snowy mountainous roads to spend yesterday and today with us. We opened gifts and went out to eat and watched some SNL last night and then ate a homemade Mexican feast today. Now my parents are on their way back home, Marvin is sleeping off his calories, and I am catching up on some long overdue movie-watching and R&R. As usual, I was too caught up in the fun-havings to take any pictures. Documentation or not, I'm really thankful to have a home and a family and plenty of food and the means to share with people who don't have the comfort of those things.

My dad has shut down his locksmith shop after twenty years of business due to the sluggish economy. He seems to be more concerned about getting bored than about not having income and I admire him for that. He insists that they'll get by on wood-cutting and knife-making and gardening and crafting and odd-jobbing and my mom's meager social security check and I hope he's right. I'd hate for them to have to start selling their land to pay the bills. I've promised myself not to worry. We always got by when I was little before he had the business, even if just barely. Eatin' squirrels and beans. Surely it will be easier to manage now without a kid to take care of. And if not, the kid will do her best to come to the rescue.

I wish everyone who reads this the happiest of days. YOU. ARE. ALL. LOVED.

P.S. - I am also thankful for Etsy...or just the general finding of oddities:

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