Saturday, December 26, 2009

Black Christmas.

Yesterday my intent to catch up on movie-watching turned into a pathetic Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon. Fortunately Andrea called me early in the evening and we headed up to her sister's "cabin" on Mt. Nebo. This so-called-cabin is actually a gigantic old-but-remodeled fancy-but-creepy house with a two car garage and an amazing far away view of the town. We all agreed upon entering that it was exactly the type of house where scary movie slaughterings take place. We ate a little and drank a little and then decided to play Sardines. I was "it" and hid in the second floor the tub with feet. KT found me. Then Andrea found us. Then Lauren found us, making Marvin the loser. We had agreed to yell "LOSER" repeatedly until the last player found the rest of the sardines, so the game wouldn't go on forever. We yelled a bit, saw Marv's shadow coming up the stairs, and waited. The lamp went off. We waited for Marvin to scare us. He didn't. We yelled some more. Waited. And then he tried to scare us. "Nice try," we said. "Like we didn't see THAT coming," we said. "It took you long enough," we said. "I was waiting because I thought that after you guys turned off the light you were all going to jump out and scare ME," he said. "Uh, we didn't turn off the light. We thought you turned off the light?" "Uh, no." "Whatever. We know you turned off the light." "I'm being dead serious. I didn't touch the lamp." "Seriously?" "Seriously." "........................." At this point we all get a little freaked out, creep out of the bathroom, shining flashlights in every corner, and nervously make jokes about our impending doom. The power is out in the whole house, but the street light is on outside. I expect to be stabbed by a guy in ghost face mask at any minute. Lauren grabs an ice pick

I grab my pepper spray

KT grabs an empty bottle of sparkling blueberry juice

Marv has his pocket knife out

And Andrea,

always the sensible one, calls her sister to see if this is a common occurrence. As it turns out, the power tends to go out when the upstairs and downstairs heating units kick on at the same time. Way to scare the bejesus out of us, old house.

After that we settled in to watch some Dirty Dancing until Marv and I left to try and rescue Mark, who had wrecked his car after hitting a patch of ice while driving up the mountain. Rescue efforts failed, and a tow truck had to be called. Way to ruin Christmas for Mark, ice patch.

Today I was a useless emotional wreck. I didn't know what caused it and I didn't know how to fix it. I hate it when that happens. Especially for six consecutive hours. Ewww. Tomorrow will be better. No doubt about it.

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