Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jan, are you ary?

So far February means BUSINESS where weather is concerned! I'm okay with the cold because it means more baking, more cuddling, and more ginger tea. I'm also a big fan of thermal underwear. I could never ever make it as a fashion blogger...not only because I am terrible at blogging, but also because 75% of my winters are spent in thermal underwear and 75% of my summers are spent in unmentionables. I like looking at well-assembled outfits & I even own a handful of pretty things, but I'd rather be extremely comfortable than a little fashionable. And being fashionable in a house with four indoor cats = TOO MUCH LINT-ROLLING. No thanks!
Now that I've talked about the weather and reassured you of my frumpiness, let me tell you something about January, 2011: It was spectacular!
I spent the first week plucking bits of confetti out of my hair after Courtney's New Year's Eve party and nursing a cold. I also spent a lot of that week looking at this photograph and noting Kupo's cuteness:
Marv & I visited Holla Bend Wildlife Refuge & saw lots of birds, armadillos, and even an opossum. Once the weather warms up a bit we're going back to hike..and hopefully encounter more critters. This one was my favorite:

He dug such great holes and made the funniest little grunting sounds! We were instant friends.
For Marvin's birthday we ate an Australian feast and for my birthday we ate a Mexican feast...........and Courtney threw me a birthday party complete with a cake and junk food and a pinata and balloons and an obscene party game! It was just what I needed to feel not-so-old and boring! Here is my favorite picture from the evening:
Other exciting things: Tim & Amy's hippie-tacular bonfire wedding reception! Meeting Matt Millard's girlfriend! Friday night arcade hangout! A perfect walk in the snow! Marvin got his GED! Marvin also got stranded in Fayetteville during the last big snow which reminded me of how nice it is to have him at home! 
Wednesday nights are now devoted to girl hangouts with Leah & Alex. We originally intended for these hangouts to involve belly dancing lessons, but they've turned into intense bouts of couch-sitting, plan-making, problem-solving...discussions of Cunt, and lots-o-laughs.
This past weekend I visited my family. Daddy & I spent an afternoon looking through amazing old photos of our ancestors (to be scanned soon!) Mama & I played Scrabble (of course!) and she baked a sweet potato pie. Adrianna and I tried to identify some wild edibles, but failed. It was the perfect amount of cold & dreary for a good hike though!

My life is very full of goodness. I can't be thankful enough.

Love and more love,
P.S. - As always, the really good photos are all stolen from Court___knee.


Betty The Bruiser said...

That PUPPY! How did you not steal it?!

'Dillos are so weird. When Mia lived with Bry and I in Texas, she almost ran over one with her bicycle on her way into work. Poor little guy. I'm glad that the ones you visited are safe in a wildlife refuge where pink bikes cannot threaten their livelihood.

You and your man are so cute. Congrats to Marv getting his GED!

lindsi said...

i'd love to! if you give me the measurement around you would like it, i can get to work.