Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Big excitement list:

March - Hi, Vanessa!
April - Hi, Lady Gaga!
May - Hi, Dalai Lama! (work schedule allowing)
June - Road triiiiip!
July -5 year anniversary party!
August - Mary returns from a million years in Africa!


Bob said...

That's a hell of a couple of months. What's the big adventure. Maybe we need to get a group together and go to corn palace in Nebraska. Then eat a lot of beef jerky and play paint ball. just a suggestion.

Mandy said...

You're going to see lady gaga!!! Jealous! I wanted to go to the Tulsa show so bad but I didn't get tickets in time and now all the seats left are bad. It's okay though we saw her in okc last year. She is amazing live!

Leah said...

lady gaga!!? i want to go!

Lauren said...

February - Hi Lauren !

Courtneyism said...

Doin? I forgot to read this. But I read it now.