Monday, February 7, 2011

The best e-mail I've ever written to a complete stranger:

A rather ridiculous question... :]
Sarah Reilly  
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Dear Sir,
Last week an expression popped into my head that I hadn't heard since my childhood. The expression ("barfalonus of the fruit loops") was one that my daddy would use to make me laugh whenever I was feeling sick. Why it popped into my head twenty years later in good health...I do not know...but now I'm curious as to where he came up with this saying. He can't remember and my internet research has yet to solve the mystery. Googling the whole phrase brings up nothing, and searching for "barfalonus" by itself directs me to (drumroll, please...) your blog and your blog alone! (An entry from 2003, in fact. You were blogging before blogging was cool! Whoa!) Anyway, if you have any information regarding the history of barfalonus, please let me know. Haha. :]
Have a lovely week and thank you for your time.
Sarah R.


Bob said...

hahha. you probably just made that bloggers day.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact, she did! Isn't it lovely how the Internet can connect people and ideas?

I don't have any hard research on the word. "Barfalonus" and "collywobbles of the blowhole" are phrases I picked up from my father, who picked it up from his father I believe. My dad grew up in the Minneapolis, MN, area; my grandfather was originally from Montana or the Dakotas if I remember correctly. I wonder if there is any geographic connection?