Thursday, September 30, 2010


Oh, hello.
Saturday at the Food & Faith Fair, I got to see a worm bin, some heirloom seeds, and lots of people in the community learning about sustainability. It was neat and just my cup of tea. That evening I drove up into the mountains to be with my mama on her birthday. She turned sixty-seven on Sunday. We ate chocolate cake and played Monopoly to celebrate! The roadkill count on the way there was pretty high:

Opossum: 4
?: 3
Raccoon: 2
Cat: 2
Skunk: 2
'dillo: 1
Bird: 1
Shih Tzu: 1

 But I did manage to rescue a tortoise from a similar fate.

My mama gave me some of the pot-holders she'd sewn. I've been doing a lot of cooking to break them in properly. She and daddy also loaded me up with sweet potatoes, banana peppers, pears, and persimmons. Yum.

Once I came back home, there's been one date, two bike rides, a little Netflix, and a lot of enjoying the nice weather. I also have this dream of covering one of my walls with pictures of planets and stars and moons. It's a work in progress that may or may not turn into a disaster.

Oh, and I started a tumblr. Marvin called me a hipster. He was listening to Animal Collective when he called me a hipster. I pointed this out and he shut up. This is the link. I'm bad about posting pictures that belong to other people and not giving them credit for their work...due to not remembering where the picture came I thought a tumblr might be convenient for sharing pretty things.


andreaparker_ said...

i can't remember, but i hope you are the one that left with my giant planet book.

Courtneyism said...

Lately I've felt very guilty about my involvement in roadkill.
I did run over a frog this month.
Mostly I've been thinking about how migratory animals are f'kd because they have so many lanes of death to cross.
the shih tzu.

Bob said...

You should probably make that star ceiling. And don't put real constellations, make your own! If I ever found a new star formation I would call it Candle Giraffe. Then everybody would be like "why did you call it that?" And I would be like "look at it and you'll see why" And then they would say "I still don't see why". And I would reply with "look closer"

Also I did my first post on a new personal blog since that food one might never happen.

Leah said...

I was thinking about the Food fair the other day. And all the lessons I learned about poor people. (Can get someone out of jail)