Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birfs and crafts.

My first pumpkin spice latte of the season came with a free pumpkin cream cheese muffin. Thank you, overly enthusiastic Starbucks employee, for making my day.

There's another 'bucks I'm hooked on: Swagbucks. It's a site that pays you a tiny bit to search the internet. Slowly but surely I am searching my way to some PayPal dollars with which I will purchase lovely Etsy things that I don't really need:

Yup. Trivial trinkets.

Marvin's parents flew in last weekend. We hiked and watched movies and ate a bunch of doughnuts and grilled a little.

His dad fixed our broken air conditioner, light fixture, and sink...all in twenty minutes. Now I can read books in the living room without going blind and/or sweating half to death. Yay!

We had Bob's kitten spayed last week. Her shaved belly is real tute. Once her stitches are out, she'll be ready to move in with Bob. I will miss her.

Speaking of Bob, check out his King of all Cosmos costume:

Isn't it amazing?
I wish I could take credit for it, but all I did was remove a pocket and cut out some foam flowers. Even that much involvement made me want to craft more!

Happy birthday to, well...pretty much everyone I know!

You are all great and I love you a ton even though I can't remember dates worth a crap. <3

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