Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today marks the fifth year that Marvin and I have been dating. You know, the anniversary that we would be celebrating big-time had we not gotten married. People tend to toss the poor dating anniversary aside once they tie the knot. I bought Marvin a cookie, tied it up with a ribbon, and will probably eat half of it and retie it before he comes home...because that's what marriage is all about.

I got paid to plant flowers at work today! It made me wish I had a landscaping job, although I'm sure the majority of landscaping isn't as pleasant as playing in a flower bed.

Last week I sent Kathleen Hanna a very unofficial letter of interest regarding a summer internship with Le Tigre. I told her that if for some crazy reason they were unable to find a suitable intern, I would gladly quit my job, temporarily abandon my husband and cats, fly to NYC, and work my happy little feminist derriere off for her. She wrote back and said that they had stopped taking resumes due to the overwhelming response, so I need not ditch my spouse and job, but that my unofficial letter had made her day. This made my day. First the Jorge Garcia self-portrait, and now a personal e-mail reply from the riot grrrl of all riot grrrls. Two responses from celebrity friend-crushes in one year. (Actually Ms. Hanna is more of a heroine. I not only want to be her best friend, but also want to be just like her when I grow up. Or at least as fearless.)

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