Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kristine Virsis & Hope.

 As we grow up we are encouraged to use our free time doing things like watching tv, shopping, and eating out. Things that keep us sitting still and spending money, as the concept of play that was so natural to us as children becomes foreign. For me learning to ride a unicycle has been more freeing than I could have imagined. - Kristine Virsis

Word of the week: HOPE [the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.]
What to do with it: GET SOME. 

 I've been letting things get me reaaaaal down lately. Things like the oil spill and homeless animals and rape and classism and racism and borders and how sad people look as they go about their daily routine. Optimism seems to get harder...but I keep reminding myself that there are (probably? hopefully?) as many good things happening in the world as there are bad. They just aren't dramatic enough to appeal to the masses, so they don't get televised.

For instance:
This week Sarah Reilly saved dozens of tadpoles from a rapidly drying puddle; they now stand a chance at becoming frogs! Marvin Reilly rescued a tiny kitten from a stack of tires at his work and it is now sleeping beneath his beard! A bittersweet farewell-to-the-pool party was had at the PleasureDome! Steve Bates didn't drown in the flash flood! Lauren Matlock and all her housemates didn't get shot even though they live in the for-real ghetto! Endangered crocodiles hatched in Cambodia! Thousands of rubber ducks raced down the Connecticut River to raise money for charity! People are overcoming stuff! Folks are loving each other! Songs that don't suck are being written! Trees are still growing nice 'n' tall in lots of places and grass still conquers the sidewalks, doggone-it!

I'm tired of the gloom.  Gonna build something better.

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Courtneyism said...

How is your craft project going? I have been to three stores that had zero embroidery thread. They all say it's not profitable. Guess I have to go to Hobby Lobby. I was in Target with bobby kelly and we were following an ice employee around who was going to show us where the sewing stuff was and bk asked me what are we looking for again? "Thread so I can sew cuss words on my clothes!" "Oh."
I have some new ideas. Are you done yet? Need pics.
The oil, oh man the oil. It's too much. I heard we are.......I won't tell you because you will get down! This should have been an email. Good posts here........wanna hang real out?