Saturday, November 13, 2010

A big day.

This week Rachel and I had a distance date. We watched the same move at the same time, ate and drank and prayed and wrote each other letters. Socialization for hermits/long-distance friends with no gas money. The movie we watched was "Good Dick." It's was oddly romantic.

Today was big: I started an art journal, Marvin started GED classes, and we became an aunt and uncle.

Meet Remy - five pounds and an ounce of preciousness. He decided to make his debut a bit early, but is doing really is his mama.

Other things that have happened recently:

Wednesday, Gomez, and Pugsley Addams.
Laughed harder than I had in awhile...about a talking turkey puppet.

Bought a printer and became absolutely obsessed with coupon-clipping and free samples. So far I've gotten $96 worth of Burt's Bees products for $44, $35 worth of food at La Hacienda for $10, free potato oles, free birdseed, and free Tom's toothpaste...just to name a few. It's getting a little ridiculous.  All of this started after I watched a YouTube video of a woman who bought over $200 worth of groceries for ONE PENNY.

Mostly I've just been peddling a LOT of granola. One of my co-workers has a yoga-related foot injury so I've been working longer shifts and extra days to cover for her.

Do you ever get creeped out by things that shouldn't be creepy? Recently I had a bunch of bees seemingly appear out of thin air in the kitchen and then woke up in the middle of that night to the whole house smelling (mysteriously and intensely) of garlic. Strange.

Happy November. <3


CHASE said...

I wish I had of came there for Halloween

Betty The Bruiser said...

Smelling garlic at night? You're either pregnant or have ghosts with ghoulish breath. Either scenario would creep me out, that's for sure.

You and Marvin probably had the best Halloween costumes I've seen this year. <3

Betty The Bruiser said...

I HATE Etsy. I have an account with them but it just seems way overcomplicated so Bryan is making me an e-commerce site tonight and they'll be up and purchase-able then! Whooooo

Thank you for the kind words....I'm glad you like what I've made. (Or even if you don't really, thanks for supporting a friend...Hehe)

Anonymous said...

Hey i am suuper boy

Bob said...

That was a vampire visit...i'm pretty sure, i watched New Moon like 3 times.

I'm coming down for thanksgiving weeekend. you and marv hang out with me plz.

courtneyism said...

this is all so tute

Mandy said...

your costumes were soo cute!

i paid 500 for my camera, but i just took one back that was around 300 so i technically only had to pay 200 for it :D